Top 10 Cell Phone Monitoring Software Reviews 2021

We can’t avoid technology development, but it comes with costs. Children and teenagers using computers or gadgets expose themselves to various cyber crimes and threats that come in diverse forms. From frauds or scams to cyber bullying, the internet could damage the young generation without proper guidance and education. Cell phone monitoring becomes a necessity in this very circumstance. Even business owners use the same solution to monitor their employees while people also use it to catch their cheating spouse or partner. Be sure to get your cellphone monitoring software from a trusted source.

What you need are the truth spy app reviews that give you solutions that genuinely work. We’ve curated down and listed the cell phone monitoring software selections for 2021 below.

We’ve taken strict measures on xnspy reviews, and this could have been one of the most prominent cell phone monitoring apps in 2021. It offers enhanced remote monitoring performance but what makes it stand out from the crowd is, of course, its remote installation support. Unlike most spyware apps that mandate physical access for installations in the targeted devices, XNSPY offers support for remote installations, which is absent in comparable cell phone monitoring apps. XNSPY is available in jailbreak and non-jailbreak versions with some differences in functionalities. Premium features including remote data wipe, call recording, device lock, etc.

mSpy is one of the popular phone monitoring apps among Android and iPhone users due to its exclusive features and competitive plans. From tracking messages to GPS locations, mSpy has everything you need to monitor a smartphone. It’s compatible with most phone models that run those operating systems, so cross-OS operations become possible. It’s even compatible with Windows and Mac OS so that you can access your monitoring dashboard from a desktop computer. It also has ultimate customer support that can help you with the operation and technical issues 24/7.

FlexiSpy is a game-changer in the cell phone monitoring industry that offers A-Z monitoring features. You can record calls, capture video, capture photos, monitor messages on different platforms with FlexiSpy. Based on our understanding of flex spy app review, you can monitor instant messaging and social media platforms that reveal fundamental information on the monitored phone. It comes with subscription plans billed regularly that enable you to unlock advanced features and monitor multiple devices at once. Even though it’s pretty expensive, you can choose the plan that suits your cell phone monitoring needs.

The newcomer spyzie review has already gained popularity that comes with unique features. Despite allowing you to access the call logs and messages, Spyzie can also track the iCloud activities for iPhone users. Even though it still has some laggy performance issues and more limited functions than those established monitoring apps, it has excellent potential. The GPS tracking performance is entirely accurate, while the subscription plans are among the cheapest. If you need cloud monitoring solutions, Spyzie could be something to start with for sure.

Highster Mobile is another prominent cell phone monitoring app renowned for its reliable performance on cross-device monitoring. Our Highster review reveals that it has everything you need to either monitor employees or spying on your spouse’s phone. While people use it to track Android phones and iPhones, you can also access the monitoring interface through desktop platforms like Windows or Mac OS. However, Highster Mobile is among the most expensive cell phone monitoring apps. Still, it would be a great value of money if you need a high-performance monitoring app that can reliably work on different devices.

GuestSpy is another cell phone monitoring app that works fine to track limited phone models, especially the older ones. Despite basic features, GuestSpy also enables you to access the targeted phone’s camera remotely. Our Guestspy review shows that the app offers a three-tier monthly subscriptions plan with different feature coverage. While it has compatibility limitations on iOS devices, GuestSpy could be a solution to track older phones that may no longer support newer or more sophisticated spy apps. Long-term subscription plans are also available if you extend the use of GuestSpy monitoring apps.

SpyEra is a versatile monitoring app that works for newer phone models. Not only can you track call logs and instant messages, but you can also record the ongoing calls(both incoming and outgoing), and the monitoring app would notify you whenever the target changes the SIM card of the monitored phone. You can even take over the camera and spy on the surrounding environment without the target knowing. SpyEra is among the expensive monitoring apps available in the market, but it’s a great pick if you need a more extensive range of features to use.

Cocospy is a workable phone monitoring app that has gained massive popularity among parents. It comes with full monitoring features like browsing history, instant messaging, call logs, media files, location history, and so forth. Despite its comprehensive coverage, Cocospy comes with competitive plans for family usage where you need to monitor multiple cell phones at once. Thus, it’s an ideal option if you need a monitoring app with essential features and parental control uses. However, if you need real-time GPS tracking or other advanced features, Cocospy might not be a great pick.

Spymaster Pro is another basic monitoring app that you can consider purchasing. You can access browsing history, contacts, text messages, and even cloud storage if you have the credentials. Spymaster Pro is slightly more comprehensive than other mid-range spy apps available in the market, but it also comes with more expensive plans. On the other hand, it has some compatibility issues and a lack of customer support. However, Spymaster Pro is still a viable option if you need actual monitoring performance that can extend to cloud tracking.

Spy could have been the most competitive monitoring app that offers basic features in our spy mobile reviews list. You can track up to 25 devices at once, making it have broader applications like parental control and employee monitoring solutions for businesses. Despite standard features, Spying also enables you to trace the cloud storage(iCloud), which is absent in most comparable apps. You can, of course, choose the plan that suits your monitoring needs. For group monitoring solutions, Spyic should be on your list.


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